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10.06 | [WEBINAR] Dispute Settlement in China-related Intellectual Property & Technology

Transfer Contracts : Arbitration, Mediation et Litigation

Dispute settlements
Photo by Dr. Georg Wietschorke on Pixabay

Intellectual property (IP) related contracts, such as those being listed here below, are omnipresent in international business.

  • trademark related contracts for transnational distribution of goods or franchises;
  • copyright related contracts for transnational display or performance of music, films, games, novels, or software;
  • patent or know-how related contracts for transnational manufacturing of products;
  • multiple IPs related contracts for joint-venture or R & D collaboration, etc.

Unfortunately, disputes arise from time to time due to a variety of reasons. Difficulties generated by Covid-19 for contract performance may be one of them.

Due to difference of law and culture among countries, international dispute settlement is complicated:

  • How to choose between lawsuit, arbitration or mediation?
  • How to choose the country of lawsuit or arbitration?
  • Which law to choose in the contract? 
  • How will the judgement or arbitration or mediation decision be executed?

Due to special nature of IP as compared to other laws, special strategies and rules need be applied:

  • Can a Chinese trademark or patent be protected before French courts or vice versa?
  • Will courts be competent for IP infringement if the contract has chosen arbitration for dispute settlement? Etc.

Our speakers will explain why and how to manage dispute settlements between Chinese companies and foreign companies in IP related arbitration, litigation and mediation procedures.

Date: Wednesday 10 June 2020

Time : 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Language: English

Fees: Free for CCI FRANCE CHINE members | RMB 100 for non Members | Free for companies outside of China

Information and registration.

Intellectual Property Protection and Product Registration Regulation in Biological, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

From Pixabay


Investment in research and development is tremendous in biological, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Therefore, the protection of the innovation result and branding is key for the investors and for the industries. However, intellectual property laws and practice vary among countries due to the public policy related to public health.

As the products are related to public health, all bio-pharma and cosmetics products need be registered and approved by authorities of each country for their entry in the market. And the conditions and procedures of this registration conditions international distribution of these products.

Our two distinguished speakers, one from Lvye Pharma, a famous Chinese pharmaceutic company and the other from LLR, a Paris based Sino-European intellectual property firm, will share their experience on strategies and actions for the protection of bio-pharma and cosmetics intellectual property and the product registration regulation in China from an international perspective.

Continue reading Intellectual Property Protection and Product Registration Regulation in Biological, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

Intellectual Property Working Group: Advertising Mascots

Advertising Mascots: Creating and Protecting in 2019

advertising mascots
Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash


China has become a highly competitive market. Companies here are crawling to get just a few seconds of attention from consumers. When they succeed, infringers are quick to react and take advantage of what others have done. In that respect, creating and protecting in 2019 is way different from a few years ago.

Advertising mascots are key, with a growing range of forms (e.g. emoticons, GIFs, stickers, memes) and channels (e.g. flesh-and-bone KOLs, virtual KOLs).

The same goes for IP protection: new tools are available in 2019, and they should be taken into consideration.

Let’s see how developing advertising mascots works live with Benoit Raoult, the Shanghai-based guru in this field. Two major legal firms (i.e. LEAF and LLR) will also elaborate on protection tips and blockchain-style solutions.

Q&A afterwards.


Date: Thursday, 14 March 2019

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Language: English

Fees: Free, strictly reserved to CCI FRANCE CHINE Members

Venue: CCI FRANCE CHINE Shanghai Office

2/F, Mayfair Tower, 83 Fu Min Road, Shanghai 200040, P.R.C.


Benoit RAOULT CEO, Dunho

Born and raised in Celtic-influenced Brittany (France), Benoit Raoult is a computer science engineer with over 15-year experience of entrepreneurship in North America, Europe and Asia. Benoit has been successful so far in developing software, exhibiting his photography work, providing consulting expertise in healthcare and corporate digitalization. In addition to B2B-oriented Jumo, Benoit established in 2017 Dunho, a character branding agency that engages audiences through illustrative content.

Bruno GRANGIER Partner, Leaf

Founding Partner of multi-award winner Leaf law in Shanghai, Bruno Grangier is a lawyer based in China since 2004. He has worked in M&A for major international law firms in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris, and is officially registered with the Chinese Ministry of Justice. He has gained extensive experience in transactions and negotiations across China, conducting many M&A and private equity operations, joint ventures with both private and public partners, as well as crisis management.


FENG Shujie Senior IP Counsellor, Law Professor, LLR-HD

Feng Shujie is professor and senior counsellor at LLR-HD, a Paris-headquartered European IP firm with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Shujie has rich experience in advising companies on the protection of intellectual property. With a Ph.D. of Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Shujie is also Vice-President of the Trademark Case-Law Committee of the Supreme Court.


Séverin MÉLÈS Managing Director, Vidon (Shanghai) IP Law Group

Séverin Mélès is an IP counsel at Vidon IP Law Group, a French headquartered IP boutique with several offices across Europe and Asia. Séverin is involved in all kinds of IP-related cases (invention patents, design patents, trademarks, copyright).


For more information, please visit CCI France Chine’s events page.


Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Use Intellectual Property as Asset?

Advice from Legal and Financial Experts

Intellectual Property as Asset
Photo by Chrissy Jarvis on Unsplash


As intellectual property (IP) right owners, you make and sell your patented products, sell your products or services under your trademark, sell or license your copyrighted software, movies, paintings. IP is also a kind of asset that you make other use of it:

  • You can sell your IP,
  • You can create a company with your IP as investment and become shareholder
  • You can invest the property or license of your IP into a joint venture created with your Chinese partner
  • You can get a loan from the bank with your IP as a guaranty
  • You can qualify your company as Hi-tech enterprises with your IP and other innovation conditions in order to benefit from preferential tax rate, etc.

But, how to determine the value or price of your IP? How to use your IP as an asset? Our invited legal and financial experts will tell you the Chinese law and practice.


Date: Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Language: English

Fees: Free, reserved to CCI FRANCE CHINE Members

Venue: CCI FRANCE CHINE Beijing Office

2F, Building 81, No. 4 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing



Joey ZHOU Partner, Tax Adviser of Mazars

Joey has over 16 years of tax advisory and audit experience. She graduated from London School of Economics, majoring in Accounting & Finance. She serves a number of sizable multinational corporations with investments and operations in China as well as owner-manager businesses.

Audrey DrummondAudrey DRUMMOND Intellectual Property Counsellor of LLR China

Audrey provides legal advice in IP contracts, trademarks, patents, domain names and copyright, most particularly for European clients doing business in China. She once worked as in-house lawyer in several international firms in France and Singapore. She has experience in various fields such as the telecommunications, information technology, music and TV industries. 


SUN HanSUN Han Associate Lawyer of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Graduated from University of Bristol, Han specializes in areas of IPO, material assets reorganization, VC and corporate affairs and has served both foreign and Chinese enterprises in M&A and investment projects. 


Dr YUAN HuangDr. YUAN Huang Asset Auditor, Vice President of China Tong Cheng Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd.

Huang is Senior Economist and senior member of China Appraisal Society. He has more than 20-year experience and dealt with hundreds of asset appraisal cases. 


For more information about this event coordinated by FENG Shujie, Law Professor and Senior IP Counsellor (LLR China) and GUAN Ning, Legal director of Safran China, please visit CCI France Chine’s events page.


Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Conserve, Obtain and Use Evidence in Intellectual Property Counterfeiting Cases?

Evidence is a key element of litigation. This is more than true in counterfeiting cases.

evidence of counterfeiting
Photo par 3dman_eu sur Pixabay

In France, the procedural weapons offered to the plaintiff facilitate the demonstration of the infringement while, in China, it is generally up to the parties of litigation to collect evidence on their own.

In this case, how to obtain evidence in the hands of the infringers in a lawful manner? You need lawyers, investigators and notaries: lawyers determine and indicate what relevant evidence to collect and require, investigators use their ways to obtain them and notaries certify that the evidence collected is authentic and lawful.

This topic will be addressed by 4 intellectual property specialists during a CCI FRANCE CHINE Intellectual Property Working Group on Wednesday October 31st in Beijing:

  • Céline THIRAOUNNHO, senior intellectual property (IP) counselor of LLR China.
  • LIU Daochen, senior partner of Beijing Handing United Law Firm.
  • Andrew HOULBROOK, director of PSU Business Intelligence and Investigations
  • YU Kun, senior Chinese notary of Beijing Changan Notary Office.

For more information about this event coordinated by FENG Shujie, Law Professor and Senior IP Counsellor (LLR China), please visit CCI France Chine’s Beijing events page.


French Health Tour 2018 – 9 October 2018

French Health Tour 2018
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Our specialists, Clémence Vallée-Thiollier and Qiang Cen, will participate in the French Health Tour 2018, a one-day crash course dedicated to innovative biotech and medtech companies who will:

  • Learn more about partnering opportunities in China
  • Learn from the experience of successful French companies in China
  • Learn from experts about best practices (regulatory, IP, market access, etc.).

Clémence VALLEE, a French and European Patent Attorney who spent several years working in Beijing and still works closely with LLR China to serve French and European companies who want to develop strategic partnerships and raise funds in China, and Qiang CEN, an IP Legal Counsel, will point out stereotypes and share recommendations on intellectual property in China.

Find out more.

11 October 2018 – Symposium Paris, European hub for Business, Digital, IP and Tech law

Paris - European Hub for Law

Our IP experts, Guillaume de la Bigne, Gilles Escudier, Emmanuel Potdevin and Kristell Erout, are participing in the upcoming International Symposium “Paris, European hub for Business, Digital, IP and Tech law” that will take place at the new Tribunal de Grande Instance in the 17th arrondissement in Paris on 11 October.

This event is organised, among others, by the CNCPI and the Paris Bar with support from the Ministry of Justice.

The goal of this international symposium is to promote the French capital as a center where industrial property litigations, in particular international ones, can be settled; and to identify how to consolidate Paris’s status as a leading European business-friendly hub with a robust legal system.

Follow the link to read the detailed programme of the symposium. Debates will be held in English. English to French translation will be provided.

We would be thrilled to meet you there

Our trademark protection experts are at the MARQUES Annual Conference in Paris


2018 MARQUES Annual Conference
Kristell Erout and Qiang Cen at the 2018 MARQUES Annual Conference<?small>

Our  trademark, design and domain name protection experts, Kristell Erout and Qiang Cen, are attending the 2018 MARQUES Annual Conference in Paris everyday until Friday.

Don’t hesitate to seek them out if you’d like to discuss strategies to protect and enhance the value of your intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Working Group – in China : overview, analysis and forecasts

Intellectual property protection in China



Need some insight on major trends and recent evolution in IP protection in China?

In Beijing on 8 May 2018?

Join the Intellectual Property Working Group’s next event coordinated by Shujie Feng which will discuss the upcoming White Paper on IP Protection from SIPO.


Date: Tuesday, May 8th 2018 

Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Language: English

Fee: Free for CCI France-Chine members or 150 RMB for non-members

Venue: CCI France Chine Beijing Office

            2F, Building 81, No.4 Gong Ti Bei Road, Chaoyang District


To learn more about this event co-organised by CCI France Chine and the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China, and register: visit the event page at CCI France Chine.