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Patent Attorney
Patent information analyst - Doctor of science


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After her PhD research internship in a laboratory of the University of Paris V - René Descartes, at the Cochin Institute of Molecular Genetics, Agnès Picon spent six years in industry as information scientist with GlaxoWellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline), a clinical research company and then a start-up in the biotechnology field.

In 2005, she joined a major industrial property firm, conducting searches to support the patent engineers. Since Agnès joining LLR in 2006, she has managed patents’ and trademarks’ searches. She is responsible for the prior art searches carried out before filing patent applications and freedom-to-operate and litigations related searches.
These searches may relate to names, technologies, case-law, project methods, etc. She is involved in the technical fields covered by our firm.

Since 2009, she has acquired drafting skills in the patent field as well as actively managing prosecutions of patent applications in both France and foreign countries (Europe, USA, …).

  • Entered the profession in 2005
  • Ph. D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • DEA in endocrinology and cell interactions
  • Graduate from the Centre for International Industrial Property Studies (CEIPI) in invention patents