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Fight against counterfeiting, Chanel’s strategy in China

Chanel recently won a trademark infringement lawsuit. The case is interesting because Chanel attacked the mall and not the salespeople responsible for counterfeit sales.

PACTE bill: How will it impact IP?

The adoption of the PACTE bill on 11 April 2019 will soon lead to a number of changes with regard to patents in France. Here is a presentation of these important changes that will take place with regard to patents.

“Use-based v “licence to all”: the battle to influence the workings of FRAND licences

In the field of "standard-essential patents" (SEP), which model should be adopted when setting the licence fee amount?

Intellectual Property Working Group: Advertising Mascots

China has become a highly competitive market. Companies here are crawling to get just a few seconds of attention from consumers. When they succeed, infringers are quick to react and take advantage of what others have done. In that respect, creating and protecting in 2019 is way different from a few years ago.

Infringement proceedings: to divulge is to denigrate

A case that demonstrates the need for extreme caution when using information about lawsuits, and even more so when there has been no ruling.

Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Use Intellectual Property as Asset?

How to determine the value or price of your IP? How to use your IP as an asset? Our invited legal and financial experts will tell you the Chinese law and practice.

Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Conserve, Obtain and Use Evidence in Intellectual Property Counterfeiting Cases?

Evidence is a key element of litigation. This is more than true in counterfeiting cases. We brought together lawyers, investigators and notaries to speak about what relevant evidence to collect in France or in China, how to obtain it and how to ensure that it is authentic and lawful.

French Health Tour 2018 – 9 October 2018

Our specialists, Clémence Vallée-Thiollier (French and European Patent Attorney) and Qiang Cen IP Legal Counsel) will participate in the French Health Tour 2018, a one-day crash course dedicated to innovative biotech and medtech companies.

11 October 2018 – Symposium Paris, European hub for Business, Digital, IP and Tech law

Our IP experts are participing in the upcoming International Symposium "Paris, European hub for Business, Digital, IP and Tech law" that will take place at the new Tribunal de Grande Instance in the 17th arrondissement in Paris on 11 October.

Our trademark protection experts are at the MARQUES Annual Conference in Paris

This week takes place the 2018 MARQUES Annual Conference in Paris. Kristell Erout and Qiang Cen are attending.

LLR at the 2018 China Patent Annual Conference in Beijing

LLR was present today, alongside colleagues from other IP firms, at the ongoing 2018 China Patent Annual Conference in Beijing.

« For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. »

Previously, the position held by US Courts was that lost foreign sales were generally considered not recoverable through enforcement of a US patent. Based on the 22 June 2018 decision of the US Supreme Court, foreign lost profits are now recoverable, at least under specific conditions.

Intellectual Property Working Group – in China : overview, analysis and forecasts

Need some insight on major trends and recent evolution in IP protection in China? In Beijing on 8 May 2018? Join the Intellectual Property Working Group’s next event coordinated by Shujie Feng which will discuss the upcoming White Paper on IP Protection from SIPO.

Louboutin’s Shoes Or How To Learn Not To Be Walked Over

If you evoke Louboutin’s name, it will probably be associated by many with red sole shoes, especially heels. The famous luxury shoes designer Christian Louboutin has made red sole shoes his trademark since 1992 to the extent that this characteristic is even sometimes used to designate his creations rather than his name.

Intellectual Property Working Group – How to create and manage a company in China?

Our trademark attorneys, Prof. Shujie Feng and Fujuan Dai are participating this Tuesday, March 6th, to an event organized jointly by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in China of France and Benelux: « Intellectual Property Working Group - How to create and manage a company in China? »

Privileged at last…

A new Rule at the U.S. Patent Office establishes that communications with foreign patent attorneys can be privileged.